Monday, January 5, 2015

Calling the Texas Workforce Commission

I tried one more time this morning to complete the online form to apply for benefits and again received the message that TWC could best serve me by calling 1-866-790-1674.

Let me preface the following narrative: I don't like talking on the phone to customer service representatives. This is a weakness for me. I try to think happy thoughts and pump myself up, repeating "be nice!" as the phone rings...

I don't buy for a second that this token example of a CSR is who answered my call. I got a patronizing, but rather patient, woman who didn't want to mess around. I tried to explain why I was calling, and could we maybe try to figure out what went wrong with the online application? "I don't have access to that information." *sigh*

She more or less asked me all the questions I just filled out online. The best I could figure is that the address I entered for my previous employer didn't match the address they use for tax purposes.

38 minutes later, I was signed up and instructed to create an account with Work in Texas, which I'll cover next time. I should be getting confirmation of my application via snail mail. I am required to complete a minimum of 5 "weekly work search contacts" which I'll need to figure out.

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