Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Feral Cat House

I stumbled across the idea of feral cat houses by accident on Amazon of all places. I then saw some examples of houses people constructed on their own. Since we're getting our first freeze tonight, I decided to make a prototype.

Time: 30 minutes
Cost: $13 per house

  • 30 qt. foam cooler
  • 18 gal. storage container
  • straw
  • box cutter
  • marker
I used the basic idea of the "Roughneck Homes" on Rubbermaid's website. It's a good, simple idea. The one change I made was to invert the foam cooler lid so that I could add more straw insulation on the top and so the storage container lid fit better. I bought enough materials to make two more, plus I have an entire bale of straw if I want to make even more.

I put this first one out front of my house to see if I get any occupants. I'll put additional ones in the back yard.

feral cat house made from a storage container and straw
Prototype feral cat house