Thursday, September 28, 2006

Cat Personalities

Cats definitely have personalities. I think people who don't like cats must either a) be allergic b) never spend any time with the cats they've had or c) somehow got scarred for life by some truly angry cat (who was probably pissed it never got any attention). My cats 'love' me as much as cats can, I would think. They miss me when I'm gone. They come to see me or are waiting at the door when I come home. They come in the bathroom when I take a shower and get up on the bed with me at night.

And they each have very distinctive behaviors and habits. My baby girl, Copper, has this thing for sleeping on a certain plastic bag, is nuts for any kind of string or cat nip and is always wanting in the garage.

calico cat sleeping on a plastic bag
Copper sleeping on her baggie
Ziegen, my Mr. Cat, is the only one who is at all vocal. He has this habit of having to go eat after any time that I pet him or give him attention. He freaking loves to drink from the tap in the bathroom. He sleeps on his back when he's not sleeping on top of my cabinets.

Ziegen playing in a box with Gavin
Gavin, well I haven't had as much time to learn her eccentricities but in so far, she is crazy for crumpled up paper. She's always going into my paper recycling bin and stealing paper balls. If she hears you crumple up paper, she is all over it.

black cat curled up in a waste basked
Gavin sleeping in my paper bin

Saturday, September 9, 2006

Maybe little pinch?

I love the crab commercial for the Honda Element! The guy who created the crab concept has a whole myspace page about it and also has a 'save the crab' site because now he's apparently out of work. I want a 'maybe little pinch' shirt but he only has 'i pinch' shirts. Anyway, this is one of the best commercials ever.