Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Geocaching Stats for December 2013

It's been a busy couple of months and I am just now getting around to updating my caching stats properly. I had lots of fun adventures but have slowed down my caching recently since buying a house.

Here's a run down of the highlights:


PyroYo007 and strontium87 at the Lone Star Roundup
  • On the way to and from the roundup event, I cached in eight new Texas Counties (88/254)
    1. Falls
    2. Limestone
    3. Freestone
    4. Henderson
    5. Smith
    6. Van Zandt
    7. Kafuman
    8. Navarro
Cached in eight new Texas Counties
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  • Closed out my second month in the 365 day challenge by caching every day in September


  • Cached in a new state and got a new souvenir: Colorado
First Colorado cache with my nephew
  • Filled my 2000-07 Jasmer spot by finding Tarryall (GC18) with my mom
Finding Tarryall in Colorado


Geocaching in Space souvenir - November 2013
  • Revived a cache out near my parents' house that had been archived: Xerophilous
I think I'll probably continue blogging every quarter instead of every month about my caching stats. As always, you can find my caching stats on my website: strontium87.com. Until next time!