Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cancelling a PayPal Subscription

I can never remember how to do this, so I'm posting it here:

Cancelling Your Subscription

If you would like to cancel this subscription, log in to your PayPal account and go to the "History" subtab of the "My Account" tab. Choose "Subscriptions" from the pull-down "Show" menu and press the "Submit" button. Choose this subscription, and click on its "Details" link. You will be taken to a Transaction Details page from which you may cancel your subscription. Cancelling your subscription will immediately stop all future scheduled payments for this subscription.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Week 6 Update

Well, there was no week 5 update due to the holidays and in true New Year's fashion, I guess this will double as a resolution post. We've been making preparations for starting the Body-for-LIFE program on Monday. I've started our notebooks and got daily printouts made for the first two weeks. The scary part will be taking the "before" photos, as I've mentioned. This will also mean getting up a lot earlier than I'm used to, probably 7am to start and then moving back to 6am when Wes' work schedule changes. That means being in bed at 10pm and virtually no free time in the evenings Monday-Thursday due to TKD. *sigh* It will be odd getting used to eating six times a day too, and consciously getting an actual portion of protein in with each of those. I intend to look into protein shakes for at least two of those meals. As it stands, I think this will be the eating schedule:

  • Meal 1 - 8am - fruit and toast
  • Meal 2 - 10am - shake
  • Meal 3 - 12pm - turkey sandwich and some vegetable
  • Meal 4 - 3pm - shake
  • Meal 5 - 6pm - yogurt and some protein (cottage cheese? still haven't tried it)
  • Meal 6 - 9pm - chicken, rice and green beans
It's strange how daunting eating more is. I'm also just used to a carbo-full diet and am floundering with the idea of eating that much protein, especially as an ex-vegetarian who really only eats chicken. The key here will be planning. I don't think that can be overlooked or stressed enough! I do really like how there's a free day built into the week where you can eat whatever you want. I'm excited to get started.