Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 1 Update

I am getting off to an abysmal start. I very nearly removed this blog and gave up yesterday. I did well last Tuesday and Wednesday but then did nothing Thursday through Sunday :( I went to class last night though and got up this morning and did crunches/push-ups. I have to keep telling myself that my goal is where I want to be in six months, not what I can do now.

The reality is that I can do about 25 crunches or 5 push-ups at one time so I've been doing a small set of crunches alternating with push-ups until I reach 150 crunches (a mere 30 push-ups). But I can't even do one true push-up at the moment so I am having to work my way up! It will take time (I have to keep reminding myself of that.). I mean, I really am in quite bad shape, especially compared to where I was one year ago. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to do 150 push-ups but that's the goal.

The 300 jumping jacks goal has proven extremely difficult. I've attempted it once--after being forced into it in class unsuspectingly the night before--and it tore up my calves. I was only able to do 150 and that was by doing three sets of 50. I was so sore the next few days that I partly blame my lax attitude to the project on to that.

Yesterday, I got the book in the mail so I need to read through that and start in on the 12-week diet/exercise program. The reviews I've read of the book say it has a lot of good stuff in there but some is just silly random crap so use what works and chuck the rest. I need to start incorporating weight/resistance training into my routine and this will help with that part at least.

Is it bad to say I'm looking forward to DoubleDave pizza rolls tonight? I mean c'mon, they're 2 for 1 on Tuesdays. It's so tasty...

Monday, November 19, 2007

It's time

I'm the type of person who tends to internalize a lot of my frustrations until I get to these breaking points where I feel trapped, angry and miserable, unable to do anything to change it. But I am an optimist (I couldn't have made it this far if I weren't) and I do believe I can change; I just haven't found the right way or the right time.

I am a person who has a need to document things so I thought starting a blog and tracking the changes and transformations I want to make might help me. This morning I did a Google search for "training for black belt" because I am in sorry shape and wanted to find some sort of program that might guide me over the next few months up to my black belt test in Tae Kwon Do. I read about this program called the Ultimate Black Belt Test that seems quite awesome to me with a lot of good ideas and I intend to use it as a basis for my own personal growth. I would even like to go through this program one day but I am not at that point yet (never mind the needing to be a blue belt in Jiu Jitsu). Life is a journey and I'll get there one day.

I really think one's goals need to be written (or typed) so that they are a reality. Just having thoughts in my head hasn't proven to be very productive. I need concrete goals and a time table. I am starting with six months (182 days including today). What can I accomplish by 19 May 2008?
  1. Lose weight: 50 lbs. I am hovering around 200 lbs which is very disappointing because last year I lost about 20 lbs and have gained it all back. I have been struggling with being overweight since I was about 20. In weeks I have started having major back pain because of the weight of my breasts.

  2. Get in shape. I just purchased the book Body for LIFE by Bill Phillips. It's a twelve week program for diet and exercise.

  3. Crunches and push-ups - 150 every other day. I know the benefits of these exercises!

  4. Jumping jacks - 300 every other day. My TKD instructor, Chad, suggested this one. It's a good way to get the heart pumping.

  5. Daily meditation - 15 minutes every day. This is another thing that I know has great mental and physical benefits but I have not been doing.

  6. Read at least one book each month. I've been saying for years that I want/need to read more but haven't been doing it. Admittedly, I've read one book this entire year and I have a book that's been sitting on my shelf here at work since June.

  7. Attend every Tae Kwon Do class ~ four classes per week. Last year I went to TKD religiously but have let it slide to the back burner this year. In part I have gotten bored with the curriculum. But if I want to improve myself, I must improve my situation and mold classes into what I need them to be.

  8. Journal daily. This is something I started a few weeks back and need to continue. I'm keeping a personal journal with entries about my feelings.

  9. Blog weekly. At a minimum, I will write here about my progress each week.

  10. Improve my diet by cooking dinner. No more fast food! I must make every effort to plan my meals better and eat more fruits and vegetables. At the moment, I eat an apple at breakfast and grapes at lunch. Now I need incorporate the veggies.
Let's see where this takes me!